Pressed Ceilings & Décor by Legacy Showroom

Pressed Ceilings & Décor by Legacy showroom can be found in the Consep Home Ideas warehouse in Kya Sands.
There are over 200 stall holders from industry brands who cover the A-Z in home design, building and renovation. You will be taken on a tour through Consep Home Ideas, our one-stop Expo to these stall holders, who stock everything that is needed to build and finish your house. The stall holders’ on-site display will give you a tangible and life-like presentation of what you would like to choose for your home.
Consep Home Ideas is open to the general public 7 days a week - entrance is FREE. Consep Home Ideas is NOT A THIRD PARTY OR MIDDLE MAN and does not receive any commission for sales or deals.

Any and all business dealings remain between Pressed Ceilings & Décor by Legacy, its clients, the general public, architects, builders and home owners.
Pressed Ceilings & Décor by Legacy was approched by the “Consep Group” and asked to set up a show room at Consep Home Ideas to showcase our many superior products and attention to detail on our installations. Consep Home Ideas are one of the largest property developers in South africa and have worked on many major projects such as “Waterfall Country Estate” and are currently busy working on 48 stands in “Derby Estates”, a new development in which Pressed Ceilings & Décor by Legacy will provide our products and installations.

For your convenience Pressed Ceilings & Décor by Legacy have opened the first stall at the Consep Home Ideas Property in Kya Sand and soon we will be opening stalls in the East rand, West rand and Pretoria.

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